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Love with capital L, does it exist?

Does true love involve the one we often name our "alter ego" or our "soul mate"?

Certainly! 79% of Quebec residents believe so and 66% are experiencing it, or have experienced it in the past. Only 14% do not believe in this nearly perfect love. The latter group's RHI consequently suffers a bit, being 4 points lower than those who believe in true love (79.50 vs. 79.60). It should be noted that the belief that true love does not exist increases progressively with the level of education of those questioned.

Those who have already experienced this type of love or are currently still living it have an average RHI result of 81.20, seven points higher than those who have never experienced it, which confirms the influence of this feeling on happiness, but not in as drastic a way as we could of thought.

The power of money is ever surprising and seems to influence or even condition romantic feelings. The proportion of those who have experienced true love or who are currently experiencing true love increases with their financial income.

Who have experienced or who are currently experiencing true love according to their declared financial income

Evidently, those who are youngest are less likely to have experienced or to be currently experiencing this unconditional love but not to worry; they have plenty of time to do so.